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discussion post | take this sabbath day thru 20 hours in l.a.

Forgive us! Due to RL and bad mod scheduling we missed posting last week's discussion post, but hopefully this gave us all extra time to watch the episodes. This is us trying to get back on track.

- Favourite scenes?
- Favourite caps?
- Favourite quote?
- LEAST FAVOURITE??? We don't discriminate here!)

Personally I've always found these episodes to be particualry funny. The West Wing was always a witty and clever show but these episode have a little extra sumthin' sumthin' in the comedy if you will. After all Josh's first meeting with Joey Lucas? Him not being to hand his alcohol? Sam and Toby getting lost on their way to bail out Judge Mendoza? Josh having to take their calls during his interview? THE SECRET PLAN TO FIGHT INFLATION! Woot canals? Donna hitting on the Hoff? All fabulous moments which make me giggle and laugh. But also things start to get build up. The season finale gets starts getting set up in these episode, which we start getting to as this coming week we're watching The White House Pro-Am through to Let Bartlet Be Bartlet.
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